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LOMZA LAGER 6% 300 ml

LOMZA LAGER 6% 300 ml

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Lomza Jasne is a popular Polish beer that boasts a crisp and refreshing taste, making it the perfect beverage for any casual gathering or social occasion. Brewed in the town of Lomza, known for its long-standing brewing tradition, this lager beer offers a balanced blend of malt and hops that results in a smooth and lightly bitter flavour profile. The golden colour and lively carbonation contribute to the overall appeal of Lomza Jasne, creating an inviting and visually appealing drink. Whether enjoyed ice-cold straight from the bottle or poured into a frosted glass, this beer is sure to please beer enthusiasts looking for something uncomplicated yet flavorful. It’s easy-drinking nature also makes it a great companion for pairing with traditional Polish dishes such as pierogis or kielbasa. So grab a bottle of Lomza Jasne and let its simple yet satisfying qualities enhance your next laid-back get-together!


BRAND : Lomza

SIZE : 300 ml

STRENGHT (ABV) : 6.00 %

BEER STYLE : Lager/Pilsner 

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